In order to preserve the safety of patients and staff, there have been many changes in place in dental offices protocols including but not limited to:

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Booking and Cancellation of Appointments

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Registration & Check-in

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Dental Treatment

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Infection Control

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Steps to cancel an in-office-appointment

As health care providers, public health is our first priority. We all have been advised to self-isolation and minimum social contact. However, we understand that dental treatments can’t wait forever and should be taken care of.

 Booking and Appointments 

Steps to book an appointment

1. Patient should request to book an appointment 


   Phone:   416-977-0123



2. Patient will be contacted by the office (phone, text, email) to confirm the appointment.

     Be advised that all dental concerns which can be managed by over-the-counter medications or prescribed ones will fall into the phone visit category.

How to register for the appointment

Steps to register for new patients

After the appointment is mutually confirmed, an email will be sent with the links to online registration (For new patients) and consent forms to be signed.

Steps to check-in on the appointments date

Steps to online check-in

1. Please DO NOT come to the office. There will be no waiting room available.


2. Patient will need to use the “CHECK-IN” feature online to inform the office he/she has arrived.  ( )

3. Office will contact the patient (call/text) once the office is safe and staff are ready to greet patient.

4. Patient will be screened at the door before stepping in.

Dental Treatments

Emergency Dental

Only emergency dental treatments will be catered until further notice when it is safe for patients and staff to do so.


New Protocols

With the new protocols in place, a minimal stay of the patient will be advised and arranged in the office.

Consequently, office won’t be able to spend time on the phone getting approval from insurance companies as before. Hence only those insurances with instant online coverage look up will be accepted for direct billing.

The rest will be treated as non-assignment. Patient will be responsible to pay the costs up-front. Office will provide the documents. Patient can use those documents to claim and get reimbursed in person.

Infection Control new Measures

New protocols for infection control

1. Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective equipment) would be used by clinicians (e.g. N95 masks, face shields, overall outfits, shoe gowns, surgical gowns).

2. Each operatory room will be used only for one patient every 4 hours.

3. All the surfaces of the operating rooms will be disinfected by strong disinfectants and then alcohol sprayed before each use.

4. Operatory rooms will be separated and sealed for specific treatments.

5. Reception area will be separated from patient area with a glass barrier.

6. Office will go 100% green.

7 Patients would be screened and offered proper infection control material when stepping in and out.

Steps to cancel an in-office-appointment

Due to current situation

Due to current situation, arranging in-office appointments come with considerable complexity and high level of overhead.

Consequently, cancellations won’t be as feasible as before and will be subject to fees.

No shows and cancellations after 48 hours of appointment time will be charged as an emergency visit (90$).

Patient may inform the office in writing through email.



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