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In order to preserve the safety of patients and staff, there have been many changes in place in dental offices protocols including but not limited to:

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Booking Appointments

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Infection Control

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Steps to cancel an in-office-appointment

As per health governing bodies, we can proceed with regular dental treatments. The office is prepared to be a safe place for you and the staff and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Booking Appointments

Steps to book an appointment

1. Patient should request to book an appointment 


   Phone:   416-977-0123



2. Patient will be contacted by the office (phone, text, email) to confirm the appointment.


How to register for the appointment

Steps to register for new patients

After the appointment is mutually confirmed, an email will be sent with the links to online registration (For new patients) and consent forms to be signed.


New Protocols

Patients are responsible for their treatment costs.

We will do our best to help out with patient insurance.

We will try to send estimates and direct bills.

We will inform the patients about the cost of each session.

The insurance coverage and responsiveness should be taken care of by patient and any part of the treatment which is not covered by insurance will be patient’s share to pay upfront.

Infection Control new Measures

New protocols for infection control

1. Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) would be used by clinicians as per recommended protocols.

2. Air purifiers, placed in rooms to ensure the air quality

3. All the surfaces of the operating rooms will be disinfected by strong disinfectants, and alcohol will be sprayed before each use.

4. The office will go 100% green.

Steps to cancel an in-office-appointment

Due to current situation

No shows and cancellations after 48 hours of appointment time will be charged as an emergency visit (90$).

Patient may inform the office in writing through email or calling.

Booking & Cancellation
Steps to Cancel
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