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Take advantage of your Dental Insurance Benefits before they expire

Don't Miss Out on Unclaimed Insurance Benefits!

As we approach the year's end, it's important to remember that many patients overlook the fact that they may still have untapped insurance benefits. Most dental insurance plans cover two dental checkups each year, often fully or substantially. However, any unused benefits from your dental insurance do not carry over into the next year. In essence, this year's benefits will go to waste if left unused. Your dental insurance is like free money, and it's meant to be utilized every year!"

What is Covered with Your Dental Insurance
Dental insurance coverage can differ depending on your provider, making it advisable to contact your insurance company directly or reach out to our team at 123 Dental. Our friendly and well-informed staff can assist you in determining your available benefits and scheduling an appointment for you. With many dental insurance plans, your appointment may include:

Use Your Benefits Wisely: Act Now or Miss Out

We strongly recommend that patients make the most of their insurance benefits early in the year instead of waiting until the last minute. Often, our appointment slots fill up rapidly as patients rush to maximize their insurance advantages, leaving us with limited availability for last-minute appointments. By scheduling your appointment promptly, you can ensure coverage for yourself and your family, promoting oral health throughout the year.
At 123 Dental Clinic, we provide essential hygiene cleanings and preventive treatments that align with most dental insurance plans. For those in need of more advanced care, our team possesses the expertise to offer comprehensive dental services. Although many advanced treatments may not be fully covered by insurance, routine hygiene appointments are typically covered, significantly reducing your overall expenses compared to forgoing insurance benefits altogether."

Use it Now or Lose it Later!

Don’t let your benefits expire! Schedule your next appointment now at 123 Dental Clinic by calling us at 416-977-0123.

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